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Hello! is currently down and will be for awhile. Twitter has changed how it outputs data and I want to tweak how the site works anyway. I've kept the historical data available for reference.

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What the hell is this? is a project to track and monitor the amount of swearing on Twitter at any given moment. It's mostly a humorous attempt to get an idea of how aggravated the planet is at any moment.

We continuously check Twitter for references to a list of swear words. The list is private to prevent anyone from trying to manipulate the system, but as an example, the Seven Dirty Words are all on the list. At the moment, the list is made up of only swears in English.

Every 10 seconds we total up the count of all tweets containing a swear, and figure out the rate of sweary tweets from that. The stats on the website are updated in real-time with any new data.

We convert the rate into a 'threat level' - which is really just a spoof of the DEFCON system that kept you up at night as a kid, and also of the Homeland Security threat level. The possible levels are:

  • Mostly Polite
  • Mild Cursing
  • Tirades
  • Expletive-Laced
  • Oh &@#?@&!

Whenever the threat level changes, we post that information to Twitter, so you can know right away.

This is a muffinlabs project.

Open data is fucking awesome.

We provide several tools you can use to get data about the current level of swearing on Twitter.

First, you can make an HTTP call to, which will return a JSON response with the following values:

  • Rate: is the current percentage of tweets that contain swears. In the above output, this means that 5.05% of tweets fit the bill.
  • Score: Some tweets are more extreme than others. The WTF score is an attempt to account for this. A higher number means that the magnitude of shit said on Twitter is higher.
  • Level: This is the name of the current level, as described above.

If you just want to display the current tirade level on your website, simply include the following tag in any wherever you want the badge to appear: Optionally, you can put the code in the footer of your HTML page, and specify the ID of a tag to replace with the badge like so: This will replace the the element with id #foo with the badge.

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